Taverners South Australia

Taverners Australia is a national network of branches covering all states and territories of Australia. We support the deaf, blind, intellectually impaired, indigenous and young girls to play sport and in particular cricket.

The South Australian branch provides financial support to a range of SA inclusive cricket organisations and teams to ensure they can compete on the national and international stage.


We Do

A passionate group of sports loving people dedicated to raising funds and making a difference by giving the young and disadvantaged a sporting chance.

We “give a sporting chance” by providing financial support directly to these groups to allow them to actively participate in cricket – generally at a grass roots level.

In late 2017 we developed a strategy to significantly increase our reach and support. At the same time The Taverners were appointed Cricket Australia’s lead Community partner. We have formed a Foundation – The Taverners Foundation, which allows donors of $2 or more to claim a tax deduction for that donation.

The Taverners is made up of hundreds of volunteers across Australia with the only expenditure being the cost of running events and branches. No salaries are paid.

All Abilities Cricket
National Cricket Inclusion Championship
Female Cricket
Indigenous Cricket
Disadvantaged Groups


Over the last 18 years, the South Australian Branch now known as the Taverners SA, has developed a membership base that has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to giving the young and disadvantaged a sporting chance in the following ways;

  • Supporting Cricket Australia’s National Cricket Inclusion Championships
  • Assisting the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) run development programs for Indigenous cricketers and cricketers with a disability
  • Allowing an underprivileged Premier Cricketer, to take part in a Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy overseas tours

Social Benefits

Increase participants’ self-esteem
Long term friendships
Motivate healthier life-styles
Overcome financial barriers to participation
Increase community engagement for all stakeholders

We Fundraise

Taverners South Australia is a member organisation which raises funds through membership subscription, events, auctions and other initiatives.

Our major annual fundraiser is the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy's "Burning the Bails" event where Taverners South Australia is the official charity partner.

Gala Events

Each year, Taverners South Australia run and support a number of gala events which bring the SA cricket community together. 


Sports Events

Taverners South Australia have strong relationships with a number of other organisations and use the shared interest in cricket to raise funds and awareness for inclusive sport. 


National TAVs Raffle

Each year, Taverners Australia runs the "Taverners Sporting Chance Raffle" which raises funds for inclusive sport initiatives across the country. 



Our Work

As a charitable association, the primary aim of The Lord’s Taverners Australia is to raise money through membership subscription, sponsorship, fund raising activities and donations.  Our financial disbursement program is balanced across a number of worthy causes including the provision of sporting facilities, equipment and opportunities for underprivileged and/or disadvantaged young people.  The young people we assist may be disadvantaged by financial constraints, geographical isolation, or a physical or intellectual disability.

For example, we are a proud sponsor of the South Australian teams in the National Cricket Inclusion Championships which provides opportunities for cricketers with hearing, vision and intellectual disabilities.

Since its inception in 1982, the organisation has raised and disbursed more than $10 million in cash and kind, with current disbursements of cash alone in the order of $300,000 annually.

A secondary, but equally important aim, is to ensure the type of fund-raising event organised, and the way that it is run, generates enjoyment and fellowship among members and guests.

Sponsorships, donations and assistance are welcomed from Companies and individuals who support our cause and who are in a position to help.